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How To Patch That Pesky Pothole In Your Asphalt Driveway

Potholes are annoying enough on the road -- let alone when they pop up on your driveway! Instead of continuing to sigh in annoyance each time you drive over the hole, take matters into your own hands. Fix the hole yourself! Here's how.

Step 1: Preparing the hole.

If the hole has very rough, jagged etches, the patch may not take well. So, take a circular saw and use it to cut around the hole, creating a smooth edge. If you don't have access to a circular saw, do the best you can with a hammer and a chisel. Place the chisel near the edge, and then pound on it with a hammer to chip away the asphalt. The edge does not have to be perfect, but the smoother it is, the better your results will be. Once the hole's edges are smooth, remove all of the gravel and asphalt debris from the hole.

Step 2: Filling the hole with gravel.

For best results, use fine gravel that packs down easily. Fill the hole, leaving only about an inch of space between the top of the gravel layer and the top of the asphalt. Use a hand tamp to pack the gravel in tightly. A tamp is a weight with a smooth bottom and a handle -- you can purchase them at most hardware stores. Make sure the gravel is level.

Step 3: Fill the hole with asphalt repair material.

You can purchase a bucket of asphalt hole filler at the home improvement store. Use the scoop that comes in the bucket or an old ladle from your kitchen to scoop the material into the hole. Fill the hole just over the top, and then use your tamp to press it down. Pack the asphalt as tightly as you can. If the level of the patch asphalt ends up below the level of the original asphalt, just add a bit more to the patch and tamp it down.

When the hole is full and tightly packed, place a large piece of plywood over the hole. Then, climb into your car and drive over the plywood a few times. This will help smooth the top of the patch and pack it down even tighter.

Remove the plywood, and let the asphalt patch set for at least a day before you drive on it. Then, enjoy the smooth ride as you drive through your now pothole-free driveway.

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