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4 Paver Ideas For A Beautiful Garden Path

A walkway should be useful, right? It should get you from one point to another. However, when it comes to garden paths, style is often as important as utility. Your garden pathway helps define the style of your landscaping. Pavers are a good material for any type of walkway because they are both versatile and stylish. Install a garden path that complements your yard.

Meandering Rustic Path

A classic idea for a garden path is one that looks like it just naturally appeared. For this style, choose pavers that resemble natural stone. Design a pathway that meanders through your garden, circumventing trees or yard installations. You can also design a curve for overlooking a flower bed or other pretty vista. Have the pavers placed just at stride width, making the design utilitarian. Plant groundcover between the pavers, as if the walkway just naturally appeared.

Grand Entrance

Bricks carry a chic appeal. You can choose either regular brick or concrete pavers created to resemble brick—the latter requires less maintenance. Have the contractors lay the pavers in a classic running bond or stacked bond pattern with a border. Red brick is the most common, but choose a color that best complements your home—gray and multi-color are both attractive. As Better Homes and Gardens points out, a straight brick walkway leading from the street to the house gives your front yard landscaping a sense of grandeur.

Semi-Formal Flagstone

Flagstone is somewhere between natural stone and brick in formality. It's also another material that concrete pavers can mimic. You can have contractors lay the flagstone in one of two ways. One way is choosing natural shapes that they lay without mortar but with narrow margins. You can create a curve in this walkway for a more casual appearance, too. Either way, this pattern gives a naturalistic profile.

The other way is choosing square flagstone pavers. Contractors should lay these with mortar in a regular pattern, creating more formality. Variegated flagstone pavers are especially attractive with this layout.

Creative Pathway

Concrete pavers don't have to simulate another material—they can be their own attractive option. You could choose a selection of pavers in two or three colors that complement your home's façade. Choose a base color for the main pathway, and use the other one or two for a border. Contractors can even lay a design if your walkway widens. Such a garden pathway is especially attractive in the backyard leading to an unattached patio.

Let your garden pathway serve as a complement to both your home and your landscaping.

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