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Asphalt Unexpectedly Cracking? Know the Potential Reasons Why

Asphalt may be a great material to use when paving your driveway, but the material can still become damaged over time. It's possible for cracks to form in the surface, and you'll need to deal with them as soon as possible. While asphalt is made from stone and sand, it is not indestructible. Learn why the cracking is happening.

The Asphalt Was Installed Improperly

The way the asphalt was installed will have the biggest impact on how long it lasts without cracking. If there was a poor installation, there could be cracking within only a few weeks. Cracking shouldn't be happening with brand-new asphalt, so even small dimples and dips should be a concern to you.

In this situation, reach out to the contractor that originally installed your asphalt driveway. A complete resurfacing may be necessary to ensure that the asphalt does not continue to fail.

The Asphalt Is Not Draining Properly

Asphalt requires a slight slope to the surface so that water drains away from the paving material. If there is not a proper slope for drainage, the weight of water on the surface will put added pressure on it and cause problems. This is due to moisture seeping into the asphalt, which causes the material to sink when the sediment and sand inside it start to settle. Cracks and potholes will form, and the deterioration will get much worse as the problem is ignored.

Make sure that you seal your driveway, and if you do notice a crack or pothole, repair it immediately to prevent moisture from getting into the material.

The Asphalt Is Shrinking and Expanding from the Weather

Not all parts of the country are sunny all year round. It is possible that you live in a region with temperatures that frequently fluctuate. This will cause the asphalt to need repair more often than it would if you lived in another region. This is because as the weather gets warmer, the asphalt will expand and become brittle. When the weather becomes colder, the asphalt will shrink and become hard. These fluctuations in temperature can cause surfaces that are uneven as well as dips and cracks. Asphalt may be very durable, but it can become worn down from fluctuating temperatures.

Have a professional come to your home and repair damage as you find it. This will reinforce the strength of the asphalt and make the surface look better aesthetically. Talk to a company such as Gopher State Sealcoat for more information.

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