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6 Reasons For Asphalt Parking Lots In Apartment Complexes

Are you the manager of an apartment complex? Does your complex currently have a dirt or concrete parking area? Are you looking for ways to improve upon the property? Are you interested in offering more for less? Saying yes to any of these questions means you can benefit from having your parking lot turned into an asphalt one. Here are six reasons why asphalt can help you.

Increased property value

Should the time come when you want to sell the apartment complex, having an asphalt parking lot that's kept in good shape will increase the property value and that means more money for you when the property sells.

Asphalt offers better gripping

Both dirt and concrete are more prone to skidding than asphalt. The texture of an asphalt surface means the tires of automobiles will grip better, meaning better stopping. Fewer accidents in your parking lot mean a safer home for tenants and lower chances of liability claims for you. Also, both dirt and concrete parking lots can increase the chances of a slip and fall accident, something else that can leave you dealing with a liability claim.

Asphalt is more weather resistant

Asphalt's weather resistant qualities mean less parking lot repairs for you. Asphalt has more flexibility, and this means it can handle rain, snow, and sun better than other types of parking surfaces that would either develop puddles and holes, or cracks and breaks.

Asphalt won't demand your attention

A dirt parking lot may need constant weeding and hole-filling and a concrete parking lot will need to be cleaned constantly. These are things that you need to do yourself or hire someone to do for you. Aside from necessary sealcoating, asphalt won't demand any of your time or attention.

Asphalt is better on tires

Tire dangers in the parking lot of your apartment complex mean you may end up with some cars in the parking lot with flat tires. Not only will this bring tenant complaints to your door, but it also doesn't look good when you have cars with flats on the property.

Asphalt is easy to paint

Consider assigned parking with the parking spaces clearly numbered with white or yellow paint. When you have assigned parking spots, you have fewer chances of complaints about stolen spaces and fewer chances of brawls in the parking lot from hot-headed tenants trying to park their car in their spot after a long day's work. You can also paint arrows to guide cars through the parking lot in a uniform manner.

For more information, contact a local commercial paving service.

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