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Asphalt Services That Keep The Parking Lot Of Your Professional Building In Attractive Condition

When you own a professional building, it's important to maintain the exterior so the building and grounds reflect the status of businesses that lease space in the building. Maintaining the asphalt parking lot is one important task since a cracked and ugly lot gives visitors and clients a bad first impression of the grounds. Your parking lot needs regular maintenance to stay clean, free from cracks, and free from fading. Here are some asphalt services you may need to have done periodically.

Fill Cracks Before They Expand

One of the most important steps in asphalt maintenance is crack repair. You may need an asphalt repair company to check for cracks and fill them once a year. If your lot is old and it gets a lot of traffic, the asphalt may need repairs more often than that.

Filling cracks is essential so rain doesn't fill the cracks and cause further damage. If they're not repaired, cracks lead to crumbling and potholes. Those problems can be repaired too, but repairs are more extensive and disruptive.

Sealcoat The Asphalt

The asphalt contractor may add a sealcoat after filling the cracks as a part of annual lot maintenance. A sealcoat may not need to be applied every year. Since a sealcoat wears away over time, it has to be applied regularly, but the frequency depends on the amount of traffic on your parking lot.

A sealcoat protects the asphalt from premature deterioration from UV exposure and rain. It also keeps your lot nice and dark in color so the lot looks maintained. Without a sealcoat, the asphalt would fade and develop cracks, holes, and crumbles more readily. The sealcoat helps the asphalt last longer and keeps it more attractive.

Sweep The Lot And Maintain The Stripes

Your parking lot should be swept regularly to keep it free from litter and leaves. Sweeping also gets rid of sand and grit that can grind into the asphalt when cars drive over the surface. Sweeping protects the parking lot and prevents it from becoming an eyesore filled with debris.

Maintaining the stripes is another important job you may want to do after sweeping the lot and having a new sealcoat applied. When stripes are easily visible, parking is more orderly and there is a lower risk of conflict over parking spaces and which direction to drive.

You may want to work with an asphalt contractor and let them recommend the asphalt services you need as time goes on so your lot stays in the best shape possible. An attractive building, grounds, and parking lot can help attract quality businesses to your professional building and provide a good first impression for their clients. For more information about asphalt services, contact a local paving company.

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