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Problems with Your Asphalt? Signs Your Driveway Repairs Can't Wait Until Spring

Winter is coming. Do you know how to identify asphalt problems? If you don't, you could be in for some serious issues with your asphalt driveway. Unfortunately, winter isn't the best time to repave your driveway. Temperature fluctuations, hard freezes, and increased precipitation can prevent new asphalt from curing properly. That's why it's important that you schedule your repaving project before winter arrives. If you think your driveway can wait until spring for the repaving project, take a closer look. Here are two tips that will help you decide if you need to repave your driveway sooner, rather than later. 

Know Your Cracks

Have you taken a close look at your driveway lately? If you haven't, you might have missed the network of cracks that have developed. Those cracks will help you to identify issues that will require immediate attention. If you just have a few minor cracks in the asphalt, you shouldn't need to worry about repaving right away. But, if you notice alligatoring, reflective, or slippage cracks, you need to repave your driveway before winter. Not sure how to identify these types of cracks? Here's a brief description of all three. 

Alligatoring: If your driveway is covered in a network of cracks that form an intricate design, you're dealing with alligatoring. The problem with alligatoring is that the interconnected pieces can begin to separate and crumble, undermining the structural integrity of your driveway. 

Reflective: If you've had your driveway repaired in the past, take a close look at the joints. This is where you'll find reflective cracks. Reflective cracks happen when the asphalt that's been repaired begins to deteriorate. 

Slippage: These types of cracks happen when the asphalt blend isn't strong enough for driveway use. Slippage cracks are usually caused by vehicle traffic. 

Beware of Winter Patching

If you're thinking about carrying out temporary fixes on your asphalt, watch out for winter patching. It's not uncommon for winter patches to fail. That's because the cold weather prevents the asphalt from adhering properly. Unfortunately, when an asphalt patch fails due to weather-related problems, it can undermine all the surrounding asphalt. If you see areas of your driveway that need to be patched, take care of those repairs 

Don't wait until spring. If you notice problems with your asphalt, take care of the problems as soon as possible. Contact a company like Northern Asphalt LLC to repair your driveway before the cold weather settles in for the winter. 

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