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New asphalt pavement is a fast way to provide immediate improvement to your property's value and appearance. Old asphalt, overgrown land, and irregular patches of broken concrete are detrimental to your land's use and its appearance value, so it is essential for you to upkeep your asphalt for good property maintenance. Here are some recommendations to help you get the best results from your new asphalt surface.

Clear Out the Existing Area

When you are planning to install an asphalt paved area, you will need to clear out the existing area of any debris, old pavement, and vegetation growth, including grass and weeds. If there is old asphalt pavement on the site, you will need to break it apart and remove it from the soil so you can prepare the foundation for new pavement. Old asphalt is a great material that you can recycle into new asphalt mixtures, so contact your asphalt professional prior to the old asphalt demolition to find out about recycling the materials. Many asphalt pavement professionals can arrive on-site at your property and recycle the old pavement into new aggregate and mix it into the new mixture.

The old asphalt needs to be removed so you can install a solid foundation material. A foundation made of compacted angular gravel or well-draining soil are some of the best materials to give your asphalt pavement a long lifetime of sturdy support. However, your asphalt professional can evaluate your pavement site for its foundation qualities and drainage abilities.

Slope the Surface Asphalt

A new asphalt driveway or parking pad for your vehicles on your property can be installed with a good foundation for success, but if your pavement's surface is not properly sloped for drainage, it will not last long. An asphalt surface that allows water to pond and pool on the surface is going to invite problems within the structure of your asphalt. Water and moisture will seep down into the cracks of your asphalt pavement and work their way through, widening the cracks and eroding materials in the foundation. And when moisture seeps into the cracks in the winter, freeze-thaw damage will quickly make a small crack into a pothole. 

Your asphalt driveway needs to be installed with a central ridge or at an angle for moisture to flow from the surface and onto surrounding soils. Sunken spots and divots are damaging to your asphalt and should be patched or repaired with a proper slope to the pavement's even surface. Monitor the condition of your asphalt for any emerging sunken spots so you can repair them as soon as possible.

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