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Filling A Pothole Is A Paving Repair You Shouldn't Put Off Or The Damage To Your Driveway Might Escalate

If your asphalt driveway has a big pothole in it, call a paving repair contractor to patch the hole so it won't be a hazard on your property. Patching a pothole is a fairly easy job as long as it's done before the hole reaches the base and causes problems with the base too. Here's a look at what causes potholes, why you should repair one promptly, and how paving repairs are done for a pothole.

Why Your Asphalt Driveway Gets Potholes

Potholes are often a sign of problems with the base under the driveway. If the base shifts, cracks can form. Rain seeps in the cracks and this causes the cracks to get bigger, especially in the winter with frequent freeze and thaw cycles. The crack eventually turns into a pothole if repairs aren't done fast enough. That's why it's important to repair cracks in your driveway.

Why Potholes Need To Be Repaired

Cracks and holes keep getting bigger until repairs are done that keep rain out. The sooner you repair a pothole, the better. Potholes are a trip hazard, and the hole might cause someone to be injured on your property. The holes can also harm your car if you hit the hole just right. The jolt might knock your wheels or steering out of alignment. Repairs are necessary to protect people, cars, and the driveway.

How Potholes Are Repaired

A paving repair contractor may patch the pothole rather than cut it out and replace that portion of your driveway. Sometimes, it may be necessary to cut a pothole out so repairs can be done to the base. As long as the base is in good shape, then a patch could be the best paving repair for the job.

The paving contractor has to decide if hot or cold asphalt is needed. The choice depends on the outdoor temperature. Hot patch can't be used in the winter. If your driveway needs to be patched in the winter, cold patch has to be used. Cold patch may not last as long as hot patch, so the cold patch may need to be replaced with a hot patch before the next winter season arrives.

No matter what type of patch material is used for residential driveways, it is installed the same way. The contractor starts by cleaning out the hole to get rid of sand, gravel, and broken bits of asphalt. Then the patch material is poured in, leveled, and compacted. Your paving repair contractor will probably advise you to stay off of the patch for a few days so it can cure.

Contact a residential paving contractor to learn more. 

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