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Time To Repair Or Replace Your Asphalt Driveway

There are a number of reasons you may be thinking about a repair or replacement of your asphalt driveway. While you can expect your driveway to last for decades, the longevity will be impacted by your weather conditions, the traffic on your driveway, and how quickly you repair any problems. Small cracks in your asphalt driveway may seem like no big deal, but they are going to eventually spread and cause problems below the surface. If your driveway is starting to crack or has dents that need to be repaired, your driveway is going to deteriorate fast.

Dents From Heavy Equipment

You might discover a dent in your asphalt driveway after a big camper or work truck was parked on it. If you weren't prepared for heavy equipment to be on your driveway, this can lead to dents or divots in the asphalt. If this occurs, these should be repaired by a residential paving service as soon as possible. The dents are weaknesses in your asphalt and are going to break down faster than the rest of your driveway.

When Cracks are Forming

Small cracks will occur with changing temperatures, but you want to pay attention as cracks start to form on your driveway. Once a crack is wider than half an inch or so, this will lead to damage below the surface of your driveway. Cracks can be sealed, as long as you clean out the crack and the crack is repaired properly. If a crack is allowed to get too wide, water will get below the surface of your driveway and cause problems with the stability of your asphalt.

If You Have Significant Damage

An asphalt driveway that has a large number of cracks will need to be replaced. This can occur over time, or be caused by damage from extreme weather conditions. If you experience freezing temperatures, water can get below the driveway and will push up the driveway when it freezes. A driveway that is damaged beyond repair should be replaced as soon as you can for your own safety.

If you are not whether it is time to repair or replace your asphalt driveway, take into consideration:

  • How widespread the damage is
  • How old the driveway is
  • The width of any cracks

Speak to a residential asphalt paving service when you are experiencing problems with your driveway, and come up with a solution that is right for you.  


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