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How An Asphalt Recycling Machine Is Beneficial

With an asphalt recycling machine, it is possible to recycle old asphalt into a new product. This is an excellent way to avoid wasting asphalt, and the product created is generally stronger than traditional asphalt. You will save money on hauling, materials, and labor hours, while also providing an earth-friendly solution to asphalt paving. Less energy is used when you recycle asphalt instead of creating new asphalt, and there is less demand for the materials used when you recycle the product instead. Asphalt can be recycled numerous times, and recycling allows for the current base layer to stay in place. Save time, money, and materials when you invest in an asphalt recycling machine.

Recycled Asphalt as a Superior Product

When the top layer of asphalt is removed from a project using an asphalt recycling machine, it is then brought to an asphalt processing plant. The recycled asphalt is milled and used to produce new asphalt without needing to invest in fresh materials. The asphalt created from recycled materials is strong and is less likely to crack from weather conditions, pressure, or heavy machinery. If a newly poured parking lot is made from recycled asphalt, you can expect it to last for years without an issue.

Pulverizing the Asphalt Instead

It is possible to pulverize the top layer of asphalt and grind it up into the base that already exists. The asphalt recycling machine can be used to pulverize what is there, without a need for removing anything from the site. The recycling machine works as a milling machine and will process the asphalt on the job site if the top layer is not going to be brought to a recycling plant for processing. 

An asphalt recycling machine is beneficial because:

  • You save money on materials by reusing the existing asphalt
  • You don't have to remove the old base layer
  • It is better for the environment to recycle asphalt than to create new
  • It takes less time to recycle asphalt than to create new
  • You will save on energy costs when recycling asphalt

Asphalt can be recycled repeatedly, and creates a strong, durable product to use on your driveways, roads, and parking lots. Look into the benefits of an asphalt recycling machine to determine if one is right for you. With the savings from material costs, time, and energy, an asphalt recycling machine is a wise investment when you are in the paving industry.

For more information on asphalt recycling machines, contact a professional near you.

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