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What To Expect With Preparations For A New Asphalt Driveway

If you need to replace your old asphalt driveway, you should talk to a driveway paving contractor soon since the process of getting the job started could take several weeks. There are several preparation steps that need to be done before your property is ready for the new asphalt. The process starts by having the driveway paving contractor come to your home for a discussion and to give an estimate. Here's what to expect when preparing for a new driveway. 

Let The Contractor Know Your Needs

You may want a new driveway the exact size and location of your old one, or you may want to make your new driveway bigger. Let your contractor know about changes you want to have done so they can draw up plans for your new driveway. The contractor also needs to decide how much asphalt to apply. The thickness of your driveway depends on how you intend to use it. If only cars drive on the asphalt, the driveway doesn't have to be as thick as it does if trucks or farm machinery will use the driveway.

Approve The Plans And Obtain A Permit

You'll have a chance to approve the plans for your driveway before work begins. The driveway paving contractor can then submit the plans to your city codes office to make sure the driveway complies with codes if you're making any changes. The contractor will handle applying for the permit and having utilities marked. Then, you'll just need to wait until the permit is approved.

Excavate The Driveway

Excavation involves scooping up the old asphalt and hauling it away. Then, the driveway contractor can examine the base. They can check the elevation to see where the slope isn't ideal for drainage. They can build up low spots so rain drains quickly from the driveway and doesn't puddle up.

If you're having the driveway widened, the contractor needs to take off part of the soil and grade the area for drainage as well as make the new base match the old one. The contractor may add gravel to the base and then compact it so the base is strong enough to support the asphalt and vehicles for many years.

Pave The New Driveway

When the base is finished, the prep work is done and it's time to put on the new asphalt. Paving is a fairly quick process, and it may be finished in a day. However, you won't be able to drive on the asphalt until it's cured for a few days. Curing is a slow process, so your driveway paving contractor lets you know what to expect and when you can park on the new asphalt without leaving marks on it.

Contact a local driveway paving contractor to learn more. 

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